The Scottsboro Choral Music Academy, sponsored by Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, has completed its second semester. The academy, led by James Kuykendall and Ashton Bell, is an opportunity for students grades 1-12 to receive a quality education in choral music. Through games, discussion, and singing, students will gain a foundation in the fundamentals of music and learn to work together as a choir. We take trips to local performances, have exciting guest speakers, and even have some master classes with professional musicians and college educators.

Registration for the 2024 Fall Semester will begin on July 22nd. Tuition is $100 per year and need-based Scholarships are available upon request.

If interested, please complete the form by clicking here.

Here, James leads the academy in some warm-up exercises to prepare for singing. Students develop skills in music and teamwork. We learn to celebrate our differences. Just as an orchestra takes many different types of instruments to perform a symphony, it is our diversity that makes us a truly remarkable choir.

The Scottsboro Choral Academy poses with Georgia Williams. Georgia played the title character in the NACC production of “Anastasia”. Students attended the performance and were then treated to a special Q&A session with the up-and-coming actor.