Are you looking for some creative ways to energize your faith? Here are some great ideas below, compiled from several places.


The Forward Movement is an ecumenical group dedicated to advancing discipleship in the Christian faith through sharing information, reflections, and educational material. They have teamed up with the Episcopal Church group Forma to provide a series called Faith at Home. This series is based on the daily lectionary and offers everyone a way of engaging in their practice of scripture reading and prayer on a regular basis. Listen to a podcast or read along with contributors by going to their site Faith @ Home


  • Virginia Theological Seminary has a list of several wonderful podcasts that explore everything from the weekly lectionary to topics such as mysticism to liturgical history. Go to their webpage here to see the list.
  • The On Being Project has a wealth of podcasts to choose from. This project is committed to, “Pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together.” You can listen to such podcasts as “This Movie Changed my Life” and “Becoming Wise” and several others. Go to The OnBeing Project or click here


St. Luke’s holds a Wednesday book study and you can join in via Zoom.  Contact the church office to learn more: 256-574-6216



The Episcopal Cafe publishes timely pieces on a daily basis in their series, “Speaking to the Soul.” Written by clergy, poets, and story tellers, the short readings speak to what is going on in our world and help us to frame it in the eyes of faith. You can find these by going to the Episcopal Cafe website, or click here


  • There is so much research connecting what we do at home in our faith practices with a positive outcome for our kids. Experiencing a life of spirituality in their early years, kids are buffered in their teen years from depression and poor choices. You can listen to clinical psychologist, Lisa Miller’s fascinating research on this subject in this short video. Her book is The Spiritual Child. 

spiritual child

  • VTS (Virginia Theological Seminary) has a page dedicated to Home Practices–resources for parents who want to extend their child’s faith building in fun and imaginative ways. Find this information by going to the Home Practices page on or click here.
  • The Diocese of Alabama’s Lifelong Formation Facebook page has lots of ideas for doing church at home with your children. From fun with Messy Church to ideas on how to talk to your children about COVID-19.