by The Rt. Rev. Kee Sloan
(Ret. 11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama)

Polly and Rob look forward to hosting discussions of Jabbok at their home, lakeside, this summerThere are several opportunities to join in! Just bring your books and a refreshment to share if you’d like.  

Our Wednesday evening sessions will start with Compline at 5:30 p.m. followed by discussion. Wednesday morning sessions will be offered on Zoom. We will break the book into two parts for discussion.   

Session One: June 23 or June 30

Session Two: July 28 or August 4

Download the discussion questions here: Jabbok.

We’ve ordered a few copies of Jabbokto loan out. Contact the office if you’d like to borrow a copy.  

About the book:

“Every time I learn this, the truer it gets: We can only live our lives looking ahead, and we can only understand them looking back.”

Growing up in rural Mississippi just a couple of miles from the Mississippi River, white eight-year-old boy Buddy spends his summers playing in the woods behind his neighborhood. The day Buddy spots a wounded deer in those woods, he is wholly unprepared for a chance meeting with a stranger who will shape the course of his life.

Jake – an older African-American fisherman, ex-convict, former tent preacher – and Buddy form an unlikely bond that transcends age and race. Forged by their many conversations about life and faith, their friendship endures sorrows, celebrations, and transitions, ultimately revealing the power to heal them both.

Click here to find the book on Amazon, and get your copy in paperback, Audio or Kindle. Please contact The Rev. Polly H. Robb, our rector, ( for more information.

We welcome all to join us!